I Do Declare: Let’s Prepare Ourselves

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I Do Declare: Let’s Prepare Ourselves for OnLine Music Lessons. 

In these concerning times, this may occasionally be convenient or necessary.

Lesson for Parents - Available 

No other makeup opportunities are available

Weekly lessons are calendared. I offer several ways to use your Tuition expenses. Time and Preparation is invested by me on your behalf. Regular Lessons and Regular Practice on your behalf, is best, with Progress and Success in view.  

In case the Student cannot attend a Studio lesson, MusicFun Studio offers several choices as a solution. “How to” files are available in your Portal / Online Resources 

ReSchedule, Audio/Visual, Assignment sheet, Zoom / New FaceTime Lesson

  1. ReSchedule your lesson(s) on your Portal Calendar. Find an available “Open for Booking” time slot(s) and Register each for your personal one-on-one lesson. Cancel your original time(s). 

<===. Do this Ahead of Time

2. Receive an Audio/Visual Lesson file. This Lesson can be repeated.

    Audio/Visual Lesson needs an eMail address to receive recording on the same device to play the A/V file on Smartphone, Tablet, LapTop Computer. The size of screen will make a difference. EarPlugs or better, to hear easily. Device placed near your instrument.

3. Review your eMailed Assignment Sheet and practice on your own. How to practice is part of every lesson. This Assignment Sheet eMail follows every lesson and normally is used at each practice session.

    Best Plans are made ahead of time.

4. Receive a Zoom / New FaceTime Lesson (under investigation) during your regular lesson time.

    There may be times when a live online lesson is a good idea.   You may already have these items. 

Required for Excellent communication.

A.]   Large Screen: Computer or iPad/Tablet  -  You have one!    

    For Piano, larger screen placed left or right on corner for the piano

    For the guitar, violin, etc. one large screen is basic, two is better.

B.]    iPad/Tablet or Smartphone webCam -  You have one!  For the Teacher to see. This device is silenced. 

    Usually placed on a Tripod, head high (5’) looking down on the whole Keyboard and at the student.  The iPad / Tablet and Smartphone usually have a webCam.  We are talking about  excellent communication. Student speaks up. Listening skills are strengthened. No masks.

C.]    Zoom App used on each device, Music Stand, Power Cords, Use and Enable “Original Sound” and let musical sound come thru.

    Direct Connect Ethernet Cable is best. If using WiFi, other internet users should take a break.

You will find our simplified list helpful and timesaving as you shop & invest in the quality tools for your children’s music education and use the same for all of their academic pursuits. These tools can also be utilized by other family members and in current and future educational activities.

“How To” listed here:

Visit your Portal Blog for “√ Student Portal Cheat Sheets √” Links

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