MusicFun with Mr. Morrow

MusicFun Studio Policy Agreement 

I have read and agree to adhere to the terms and policies listed on the Spring 2017 Studio Policy. I understand that failure to follow the terms and policies might limit my success as a student and that multiple violations of this contract could end my association with the studio. 

_____  I have read and understand the following sections of the MusicFun Spring 2017 Policies and Procedures: 

  • _____  I understand the Tuition Policies and Payment Schedule

  • _____  I understand the Missed Lesson (MakeUp Credit) Policies 

  • _____  I understand that I must provide at least a 3 week notice before discontinuing lessons.


Please check the box below after reading the policy.

  • _____  I agree to the MusicFun  2017-2018 Studio Policies

Student’s name(s) ______________________________________________________________ 


Parent’s Name _____________________________